Sunday, November 15, 2009

Woo fast and sweet

Went for a afternoon walk today, but seem that i am getting weaker and weaker, maybe it bcos of i seldom go out for a walk nowadays, but kor kor promise that he will wake up early from tomoro onward to bring mi to the walk and have my morning walk ^u^.

Today kor kor bath mi... i hate bathing.. and kor kor wanna take my photo when i am bathing.. i keep on hide and move around so he give up... very bad kor kor.. i am already.. a wawa.. still wanna talk photo of mi... talking about wawa.. today while i was having my walk... people that pass by.. keep on saying i am a wa wa... sob sob.. i am a pomeranian... look at my tail!! look at my hmmm where do i look like a pomeranian .... n.n

The bath was fast and sweet as it only take 10min.. 3 min to dry up... woo ^u^ dun even need dryer to dry mi ^u^
Kor ... very temping to keep mi short coat cos it so easy to maintain.. and so easy to bath... =.=!!!!
Tatsukete[help]!!! ......

But the fungus is not getting heal very fast... it seem better then before.. but still it quite slow...

Aunty pauline already start to order the dehydrate raw food and she will be passing kor kor some to try it to see if i like it ^u^,
^u^ Thank you so much aunty pauline ^u^ let mi give u a big bubblelish hug ^u^

Aunty pauline has been very kind to bubble ^u^ today kor kor also give mi the ribs to try ^u^ very tasty and like it alot *warning to other furkidz reader, do remember to ask your pa or ma to watch after you when you are eating this keke*
here is the photo of miku and the ribs ^u^

So this weekend kor kor really did make and effort to bring mi out wor ^u^ so happy hee the chicken wing story did work out alright ^u^

Here is and photo of mi and lily kor kor baby.... =.=!!!

Kor kor still say i am cute ^u^

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of Chicken Wings and Poodles from pets magazine

This article is to refresh kor kor memories ^u^

I'm beginning to love human food. It's much tastier than the usual stuff i find in my bowl every morning.
Why don't you give me that more often? I only get to eat what you eat during evenings when you're feeling
particularly generous and give me a chicken wing or some pieces of pork.
All i need to do is bark a couple of times and presto!

You don't know how painful it is when i smell what you're making in the kitchen.
So many different aromas, it has to be good! My food is usually dry and a bit bland.
But once again, if you put in a little bit of human food in it, it makes all the difference!

You giving me some of your food also makes up for not taking me for my usual walk.
It's been weeks since i stepped foot outside of the house. But that's okay,
i getting comfortable just lounging around the house. May i also say that the new bed you bought me is really heaven!
It's so fluffy that i could just sit and sleep there all day. But I have noticed that i'm getting a bit more winded when i try to go up the stairs. I used to be able to get up to the second floor with no problem.
But now half way up, i just want to call it quits already. But come to think about it,
Who really cares for exploring the house? I've already seen everything up there anyway.
And besides, my food bowl is downstairs so i don't see the need to go up there.

I wonder how that poodle i was talking to you about before is doing.
We haven't been to the park in ages so maybe she's changed. Slimmer I guess? I cant's say the same for myself through.
I think i may have grown a little rounder since our last encounter. But hey, humans say that love is blind.
I hope it goes for us dogs as well. What are you looking at? You' re not that fit anymore either with that tummy of yours.

Are we going to the park now?
Wait a minute let me warm up. My body isn't what it used to be.
It must be all those chicken wings you gave me last nights.
I need to stay away from them but they're so good!

^u^ hmm so are we going for a walk tomoro morning Kor?

Monday, November 9, 2009

ChiWawa bubble

Due to the skin issue with mi has been going for weeks, kor kor decided to shave down mi... asked the groomer.. and it is also her advice to do so.. but the shaving not really well done... but still acceptable for mi ^u^

Mi now look so wawa like and all my shan chen rou is been surface out... and everyone can see it :(

In the past everyone thought that i am small and slim.. now .. my real body size has been reveal....

Due to this shave down.. kor kor wen to ikea to buy mi a bigger bed, and two fav mouse toy which i always grab and play when i am at nana house, no finally i have my own mouse :P kor kor also bought mi two new water bow one in the bed room and one in the living room, cos the old one was in plastic.

After this shave down.. kor kor also notice my leg abit in that it stand so straight and it seem like i cant really ben.. he promise that end of the month going to buy mi supplement le ^u^ and olive oil and more toys ^u^

Please if you have a heart attack, my advice is that you might want to skip this post keke, please view at your own risk....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another day of food.. chicken meat with apple and potato (-_-)!!!

Today korkor came back and bring mi down to na na house again ^u^
an i knew there is going to be food hee

Here what he cook... why is there apple u ask???
Bcos he wanna eat apple, but due to the apple too big, so he dun wanna waste the food and he cut it and give us... mi dun really like fruits now....

The Big Apple ^u^

The chicken with potato

We are HUNGRY... dun u know a hungry dog is an angry dog :P

Yam... yammm

This is what happen when too much apple given... in the end it still go into the bin..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cooking dinner

This is the 2nd time kor kor cook for me and nana, ^u^
Was surprise that now nana more accept kor kor le, and eat what he cook,
Here is some pic of what we are eating :)

Dun know why today nana didn fight with mi today hee ^u^

i am not able to eat alot cos later my poo poo will be very soft.. that why kor kor not giving mi alot, so later go back i have to eat kibbles le... n.n

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ls again.. and this time serious

i was having a very serious ls yday night till the whole day...
No matter where i go... i will just have a few drop of ls water come out from my butt... so no choice.. very scare kor kor saw the mess i am in... i hide under the table when he is awake... but he nv scold mi for what i did... and come sayang mi asking if i am okie... i start to shake my tail and look at him while he clean up the mess... it was all over the bed room.. living room.. kitchen.. and he slowly clean it.. till he is late for work about 1 hour.... it was quite serious, but still i can jump and shake my tail happily when kor kor play with mi in the morning....kor kor was worried and tried to apply leave but then... her supervisor didn approve it... so he went to work with a worry look...

Kor kor call home a few time to check with jie jie see if i am okie.. ask jie jie to clean my butt... she hate it... i know... hahaha but it kor kor order :P

Kor kor came back very early around 615 today, and bring mi to see nana, by the evening time... i am abit tired le... so didn walk around or play with nana alot.. till i go wake uncle up... cos i know that he will give mi food... ^u^ hee uncle didn know that i cant eat chocolate .... and was caught giving mi by 2 jie... then he faster take back..but i dun really like choco too so i didn eat it...korkor heart was like phew.........

During dinner time.. around 830.. korkor feed mi ls medicine and it 3ML of med... is the doc mad.... this med is for nana... cos 2 week ago nana also ls... it was terrible.. i keep on spit out from my mouth...

During 1030pm... korkor went to cook porridge for mi... IT IS PLAIN porridge... didn really like it so didn eat... kor kor say no choice cos i am sick... he even try to put snack under the porridge.. but i dun like PLAIN PORRIDGE..... so didn eat alot... till xiao mei jie jie cook for mi ^u^ but again also plain porridge, but this time better then kor kor one cos got chicken smell ^u^ cos xiao mei jie jie use the water that cook the chicken meat on the porridge ^u^

Finish the whole bow of it and now i feel more energetic ... and started to fight with nana cos she keep on run here and run there while we will playing fetch and catch ^u^

Kor kor dun dare to slp.. cos he feel that i might ls again.. till he saw mi eating kibbles again then.. he went to bed at 2am....

so today NO more ls le ^u^ so happy. kor kor wake up with wonderful smile and kiss kiss mi before he go to work ^u^


Sunday, September 27, 2009

QQ Birthday at K9

Today whole day was out for gai gai with nana :) first i went down out of the lift and i hear few people calling mi... i turn around is annie jie jie, ah chai jie jie, pie qiao jie jie calling mi.. i was excited and ran to them, before i get up to the car, i went to pee at the pillar hee.

Nana vomit at the car 1 time on our way to Umart, consider very successful as she only vomit 1 time throughout the whole day journey ^u^ kor kor dun know why i dun have motion sickness.. they will discussing about maybe i have been train by ah zhen jie jie...

Running around in Umark.. pee here and there even i dun have pee.. i also will show some action and mark the place :P
did my poo also.. and get scolding from kor kor...
Saw a very very big dog... and was terrify by him.. although he is friendly :p
Saw lynn jie jie there and want to thank her for the bells but maybe she didn dun understand :p

Ohh this is my 3rd time going to K9 ^u^ but was exhausted due to been chase by male pom as i am having my period..
i dun blame them because i know i am attractive :P Got to see 10 of my kind today.
Today menu on the list for mi is meatball from Annie jie jie, and birthday from qq.
Cant believe qq is 5 years old le.. and i am 3.. soon soon i be 5 too.. have to have babies le.. before i reach the gao lin chang fu.. stage..

DId out group of ten photo.. it chaotic.. bcos i heard stay.. here, here sit.. no.. from everywhere.. and i dun like been surround.. so i keep on thinking of how to escape off.. but always kana caught....

Meet the SML = small (creamy) Medium (faith) Large (miko) ^u^ all creamy color :) hee
Hee lynn said creamy is racist on color ... she only mix around with white color de pom.. =.=!!!

say joy the sausage dog.. hmm forget what is the really name of the breed.. even thought her leg is short... he she still can jump... woooo

One potential is Lucky ^u^ really cute and still having baby face even thought he is 8 years old :)
Bon Bon.. when can i meet u..

Kor loss his camera lens cap.. and was very quiet when he was on his way home.. cos he keep on trying to think where did it goes...

all food and photo will be uploaded soon :)

Annie jie jie will be going aways for a short period of time.. going to miss her food that she prepare for mi.. :( please come back soon and COOK for mi please :p

tired.. tired.. now it time to go dreaming... will try to correct my post and org tomoro... and upload some picture ^u^

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