Sunday, November 15, 2009

Woo fast and sweet

Went for a afternoon walk today, but seem that i am getting weaker and weaker, maybe it bcos of i seldom go out for a walk nowadays, but kor kor promise that he will wake up early from tomoro onward to bring mi to the walk and have my morning walk ^u^.

Today kor kor bath mi... i hate bathing.. and kor kor wanna take my photo when i am bathing.. i keep on hide and move around so he give up... very bad kor kor.. i am already.. a wawa.. still wanna talk photo of mi... talking about wawa.. today while i was having my walk... people that pass by.. keep on saying i am a wa wa... sob sob.. i am a pomeranian... look at my tail!! look at my hmmm where do i look like a pomeranian .... n.n

The bath was fast and sweet as it only take 10min.. 3 min to dry up... woo ^u^ dun even need dryer to dry mi ^u^
Kor ... very temping to keep mi short coat cos it so easy to maintain.. and so easy to bath... =.=!!!!
Tatsukete[help]!!! ......

But the fungus is not getting heal very fast... it seem better then before.. but still it quite slow...

Aunty pauline already start to order the dehydrate raw food and she will be passing kor kor some to try it to see if i like it ^u^,
^u^ Thank you so much aunty pauline ^u^ let mi give u a big bubblelish hug ^u^

Aunty pauline has been very kind to bubble ^u^ today kor kor also give mi the ribs to try ^u^ very tasty and like it alot *warning to other furkidz reader, do remember to ask your pa or ma to watch after you when you are eating this keke*
here is the photo of miku and the ribs ^u^

So this weekend kor kor really did make and effort to bring mi out wor ^u^ so happy hee the chicken wing story did work out alright ^u^

Here is and photo of mi and lily kor kor baby.... =.=!!!

Kor kor still say i am cute ^u^


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