Friday, July 31, 2009

Football at 330am!!!

Picture will do the talking ^u^

After taking so many picture.. the two funny conversation started between kor kor and jie jie..
Kor: I am thinking of getting a new lens.. cost around 360$ anyone wanna sponsor?
Jie: You buy new lens for what?
Kor: take picture lor.
Jie: ya lor take bubble only right (=.=)!!!
Kor: laughing ......
Jie: total spending for bubble ...... +++++ .... ++++
Kor: laughing......
Jie: Bubble really expensive....

Hee i am priceless ^u^

Kor say now at home 3 thing will kana steal if the door is not lock...
1st : MI....
2nd : His iphone
3rd : His DLSR camera....



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