Friday, July 31, 2009

Cute Cute Mi

Sometime kor and jie jie leave the door open then suddenly they realize that the door is open forgot that there is a little princess at home will be urging to go gai gai... ... so they go everywhere of the house to look for mi.. shouting for mi... and they cant find mi...
Guess where am i....

^u^ Here i am

Hidding under the sofa ^u^

Some very very cute side of mi ^u^

Football at 330am!!!

Picture will do the talking ^u^

After taking so many picture.. the two funny conversation started between kor kor and jie jie..
Kor: I am thinking of getting a new lens.. cost around 360$ anyone wanna sponsor?
Jie: You buy new lens for what?
Kor: take picture lor.
Jie: ya lor take bubble only right (=.=)!!!
Kor: laughing ......
Jie: total spending for bubble ...... +++++ .... ++++
Kor: laughing......
Jie: Bubble really expensive....

Hee i am priceless ^u^

Kor say now at home 3 thing will kana steal if the door is not lock...
1st : MI....
2nd : His iphone
3rd : His DLSR camera....


Bubble Dragging Big Bear ^u^

And here is what kor kor bought for mi ^u^

My new leash :)

This is all my snack ^u^ more to come ^u^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My barkday ^u^

By the clock strike... 1200 Korkor sing birthday song to mi and say he love mi ^u^
Then he say for tonight only i can eat snack at 12pm... heee so he give mi a very big hmm dun know the name of the snack but it from lynn i guess it my fav too ^u^ here is the video.

And i receive a new gift from blanket ma ^u^ a new bow for mi ^u^

In the morning kor kor as usual prepare the kibbles and take 5 min to cut the big big kibbles to small small piece.. But today there is an add on menu ^u^ bcos it my birthday.. he is too slply to take pic.. so no pic to show :(
But tonight there will be an upload of the pic he will try to take the pic to show what is the add on menu... cos he dun know how to explain.. hee

He went to school today and came back at night... so boring.. alone at home..
He again sing birthday song and give mi another snack ^u^ which this time he did take picture ^u^

That my birthday ^u^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kor kor bought wrong food for mi.. :( the kibbles is very big...
So now every morning He have to take 5min to cut the kibbles to small small pieces ^u^ (meaning to say he have to wake up more early :P)

Pic of the kibbles......

Mi having hard time eating the kibbles...

Mi dun wanna eat the kibbles...

Some tips from Pauline for anti tick spray and interceptor for mi ^u^

Solution for cheap and good anti tick spray.

Ntuc Buy Braggs organic apple cider vinegar
buy a small spray bottle
pour about 2/3 acv & top up with water
2/3 to 1/3 is my estimate
can be more diluted if you dun like smell.

What is an interceptor, it is to prevent heart worms(=.=!!! worms in my heart... @.@fainted)
**Contribute by pauline ^u^**

My random shot ^u^

Bubble is back to Normal?

Kor kor reach home around 1030.. again i guess he rush back :) this time round i got the strength to bark as usual if there is anyone standing around.. a few time i scare the hell out of those people who put flyer on the door :P

^u^ my poo poo back to normal, and this time alot of tiny small fly cover around it.... eeeee
Kor say if tomoro if i am okie le then can start to mix my new kibbles with the old one for my daily meal ^u^

Kor kor so ben... put then bene bac in the fridge... now ... dun know if those living bacteria still alive ma.. or all become ice le...
Lucky buddy ma, read it and tell kor kor...

Today i eat alot ^u^ and tomoro i will poo alot too hee

Keke my med times :)

Here is me eating the med.... :(

Monday, July 20, 2009

First post ^u^

Bubble Had a great birthday yesterday, it was fun to see so many friends.
It been 3 week since i last go out for gai gai... bad kor kor.... but i know that he is very busy.. with his study and working at the same time...

QQ mama, faith mama, milo papa and kor kor bought bubble some present ^u^ picture as below ^u^

Kor Kor say maybe next time might have a chance to go cruise together :) will i be having sea sick?

Here is my new toy video ^u^

Well after my birthday party, i went to fort canning park to have some photo shoot ^u^
This time i am shooting with super star blanket ^u^ both of us changed 4 costume ...
we have ladybird, yukata, kimono and chinese qi bao ^u^(but i am too fat to wear the qi bao :( )

Here is some of the photo ^u^

When we reach home Kor kor immediately bath mi, worrying that i might get some tick or insect on my fur... as i have give him a few bad experience ...
1st = when kor kor was bathing with mi he saw a tick that is dry up on my neck...
2nd = found another tick on my neck when i was keep on scratching my neck...
3rd = found 2 tick when i went to west coast park.... this time kor kor was going to slp when he sayang mi... he feel something round round on my head... then he open the light and was shock to found a tick that going to slp with him too... end up using 1 hour plus to search my whole body to see if there is another one.... but he fail to locate the another tick till the next day...
4th = the next day after west coast park.. kor kor saw mi keep on biting my leg... then he try to see what going on and he was surprise to see a baby tick(why baby, bcos it only have 6legs, adult have 8legs) on my legs...

Yesterday night.. i had some soft poo poo.. till today morning i LS.... very chaim no mood.. no strength.. and the sticky.. poo poo is on my butt fur..
Kor kor rush back very early to see if i am okie anot.. ^u^ i welcome him back as usual, jump here jump there, jump jump everywhere ^u^...

He then went out to buy medicine for mi, here is the link for LS hear it really good, will update my journal tomor to see if i feel better ^u^
Thanks to pauline for the recommend of the medicine, if not my kor kor going to have an another hole in the wallet.

** review of bene bac**
Bene-Bac Pet Gel is a concentrated live culture of seven common digestive bacteria found in the intestinal tracts of mammals. Recommended any time an animal experiences stress from changing nutritional or environmental conditions. Contains 20 million CFU per gram of viable lactic acid producing bacteria.

Here is what he bought for mi today ^u^ New kibbles, from meat to fish?? when he bought this... his mind was thinking.. how come bear can be so big size and strong.. is it because of salmon??
so he decide to change to salmon.... =.=!!!

Time to slp now ^u^

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